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REVSPEED DVD - Vol. 5 & 6 Set of 2

REVSPEED DVD - Vol. 5 & 6 Set of 2

REVSPEED DVD -  Set of 2

Vol. 5 & 6

Dates: September & October 2009

Vol. 5:

  • Everything about cornering improvement
  • How to make the transition to turn-in smooth. Is it better to widen the tread? How do you use the stabilizer!?!
  • Circuit Strategy
  • 5ZIGEN Civic & NSX Test Drive Report in Okayama International
  • Z Fighter Yamada's Z Car Challenge in Tsukuba
  • Imported Car Clubman Endurance Race SCCJ Round 2 Tsukuba
  • Piston Nishizawa's Super Endurance Vehicle Video in Suzuka
  • Shocking video!? Ex-REV Sato's Lotus S Cup in Suzuka
  • Useful practical course "Engine room cleaning manual.

Vol. 6:

  • Thorough improvement of driving position Tuning edition Cockpit tune learned from GT machines.
  • Z34 version Nismo
  • Nobuteru Taniguchi RE Amemiya RX-7 fold RE Amemiya RX8
  • Z34 version Nismo
  • RE Amemiya RX-7
  • star Rx8

Condition: Very Good for age on both DVD’s and their cases.  Small scratches that do not affect play.

* Both are ALL regions DVD’s!  No special DVD player or gaming system needed to view. 

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