Car Art Created by Underdogz. Curated by Stateside Garage.


Unique Hanging Air Fresheners with great designs & colors for a fun experience visually and through their scent!!

Stateside Garage

Stateside Garage:  Bringing together like minded people with the common bond of a nation and collection of old, vintage, Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) automotive products.  Items such as, but not limited to... Banners, flags, shirts, towels, jackets, hats, magazines, toys, parts and accessories from  Vehicle Manufacturers, Aftermarket Parts Companies or Japanese Culture as a whole. 

Just having something that is "RARE" is not the goal.  Pride of Ownership in an item or  collection of items... THAT is the goal.

Thank you for being here and exploring all the great items we have available. We hope you find something that fits your passions perfectly! :)

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