Collection: DAFSKI

Stateside Garage is now proud to be offering a wide variety of DAFSKI Air Freshening products as a USA stocking dealer!

DAFSKI offers many unique designs of their Air Freshening products that are well thought out with their images and colors for a great user experience both visually and through their scents!

As you will see listed below we have chosen to bring into stock a great selection of the items that we felt would be a great complement to our current Japan Automotive and Cultural product offerings.  

Order individually or add to any existing unshipped order to combine and save!  We hope you enjoy this product line up as much as we do!

Thank you! :) 



  • Qty. 1 - 3 will be sent via USPS First Class Mail (No Tracking) for the LOWEST COST possible.
  • Qty. 3+ will be sent via USPS First Class (With Tracking).
We have had wonderful customers and amazing service provided to us by USPS that we know we can confidently ship these items and have them received with no problems while saving money in the process.  As always we are always here if you have questions, comments or concerns.