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JDM Mystery Box - Drift Version 1.2

JDM Mystery Box - Drift Version 1.2

Drift Version 1.2

Included in this box:

  • (2) JDM Automotive Drift Focused Magazines
  • (2) JDM Automotive Drift Focused DVD's
  • (1) 3pcs. Japanese Candy Packages
  • (1) Dafski Air Fresheners
  • (1) *Rotating Independent Brand Sticker
  • (1) Stateside Garage Sticker
  • (1) Stateside Garage Koozie!

$45.99 SHIPPED


Product Descriptions:

Magazine Examples: Drift Tengoku, Option, Option2 and MORE!

DVD Examples: Option, Drift Tengoku, D1GP, D-to-D and MORE!

Dafski Air Fresheners:  Could be any 1 of our current stock at the time and can change with re-stock of the product at anytime.

Japanese Candy:  Very wide variety of flavors and types.  3 pieces per package are randomly selected and packaged.  We hope you enjoy the flavors!

*Rotating Independent Brands:  We have become good friends with many different brands over the years that produce items such as Shirts, Hats, Skateboards, Air Fresheners, Automotive Accessories, Stickers and more! 

Stateside Garage would like to partner as best we can with these brands to also help showcase their styles and products to you.  This will be a fun adder to the Box and also help us all grow and learn about each other in this JDM area we all love. 

12/11/23: JDM EGO will be the 1st Independent Brand to be featured with us inside our JDM Mystery Box - Drift Version 1.2!

Each of these boxes will include one of JDMEGO's awesome designs inside!

@judsonjbryan (on Instagram)…the man, the myth, the legend behind it all has been an integral and inspirational person in the Import Car world, whether he’d admit it out loud or not!? 😜

His work and involvement stretches across decades and through the many different versions of the industry many of us have all lived through or that shaped why we are in this car hobby/passion/obsession together today.

Wishing many more years to come from this brand and Judson. Continue to be YOU and continue the great work you provide. Thank You! 💚
@original_jdmego (on Instagram)


*Shipping included is for USA addresses Only.  Please contact us for shipping Outside the USA.  Thank You. 

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