WORK Meister - One Piece 19" x 10", 3" Lip Competition Center Lock Race Wheel

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WORK Meister - One Piece

Condition: See images for full details.  The 2 stickers on the lip are in very good condition.  The Work Wheels sticker on the spoke has mostly peeled off.  This is replaceable with a factory direct decal or a vinyl cut logo by others.

Size; 19" x 10", 3" Lip

Vehicle: Unknown.  However this is a very JGTC era type wheel.

Production Date: Unknown

Amazing collectors piece for display in the garage or even in the house.  The lip and barrel could easily be cleaned and polished and replacement decals could be made or sourced.  The White Paint finish on the spokes is still in very good condition, but is also another easily re-painted and cleaned up aspect of the wheel to make it look new if the patina and years of use and travel aren't your style!?


*ALL wheels come with a Wall Mount Kit for hanging and display.  Image in final photo.