SSR -18 x 10 JGTC Era Used Center Lug Lock Race Wheel

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SSR - Hollow Spoked JGTC Era and Used Center Lug Lock Race Wheel

Size: 18x10

Condition: Good for age.  Shows well and could always be refinished if chosen to.

Further Details:

Nova Engineering Sticker on the wheel lip. 

Exact car used on is unknown.  In doing research on this wheel and the potential chassis' that it may have run on the Front's of a Porsche 962 C and/or Porsche 964's in the JGTC series had an identical look (JGTC BP Porsche 911 image attached for reference).

Yes, this same style wheel was run on some of the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR's during that time as well.  However, I do not believe any of those teams had affiliation with Nova Engineering.

 *ALL wheels come with a Wall Mount Kit for hanging and display.  Image in final photo.